Lawn & Landscape Services

As a landscaping services company we are here for you when you need us, our landscaping services are affordable, so, contact us today and see for yourself what our landscaping services can do for you.


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Landscaping services

Lawn Mowing

Lawn Mowing is our main lawn service, we currently offer weekly and bi-weekly service. Our lawn mowing service includes cutting the grass, edging all concrete areas and aound the house or building. Contact Us today to sign up for lawn mowing or get more info.

Mulching services

Tree Services

Tree Services is an additional service we offer to our customers, we have the expertize to cut down and remove any tree, including DANGEROUS TREES from your property and haul them away, we can also trim your trees so they stay healthy and look good.

Tree services

New Flower Beds

We can help you build new flower beds so you can add color to your lawn, we can design and fabricate your new beds according to your needs, then you can add new plants, new shrubs, roses or whatever is in your mind. Improve the curve appeal of your home

Mulching services


Mulching services is recommended to be applied at least once per year but you can also do it every six months or as needed, sometimes the mulching layers get washed away by rain and other natural or human events, so, we're for you to help you with your new flower beds and muching services needs.

Landscaping services

Weed Removal

Weed Removal from flower beds is always exusting and sometimes difficult due to many factors such as when you have rose bushes, this can be a challenge for home owners, so, we are now offering weed removal service to our customers to help them keep their flower beds looking good all year round.

Tre services

Brush Hauling

Brush Hauling is another service offered trough our company, we can help you get rid of those branches that have been falling off the trees so they don't keep piling up, so, if you have any brush around your home that need to be hauled away, just drop us a line and we will get rid of your brush for good..

Margarito Peres Lawn Service did some tree services for me and I was very pleased with their work, I believe you will be pleased too. Very nice work and very professional.

Maria Yolanda Cabrera, Brookshire TX

Margarito Peres Lawn Service took down a tree for me in Katy TX and I was impressed with their tree services work, these are very hard working people and they do excellent work Very Happy.

Peter Simpson Katy TX